Friday, November 27, 2009

If heaven were a pie...

November is winding down, it pains me to type this because I wish fall would stick around a little longer and mostly because I have two large papers/projects to turn in by the first couple weeks of December. Ugh.
I really don't have much going on right now, being part time and all (c: As Joc likes to tell people when they ask how my new schedule is treating me, "She has more time to watch TV" oooo I want to kick her butt every time she says that! Back in GR now after a nice Turkey Day meal and short couple days in Cadillac. Michelle came up, Lucas was hanging out while Jules and David work on their house, and it was just the thing I needed to remind myself just how thankful I am for all life has dealt me, well us as a family. And now I'm sitting at the table, working on one of the aforementioned project/papers and wishing it were another day and I could put aside the papers and curl up with the dogs and read one of the many books burning a hole on my shelf and calling my name. Soon... so soon.
Listening to some music as I work. I opened up a playlist that hasn't seen the light of day in a while and many memories are pushing forward. I tie a lot of meaning to lyrics and songs, I find that many of them are very applicable to life lived. Makes me melancholy to absorb the words and think of old times. I have many "old country" songs on my list, some Jim Reeves, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, etc. My dad loved country, listened to it a lot. He cried the night Conway Twitty died, real tears. I remember that night, I don't recall if Brian had died yet or not, I think so, but it was on the radio that Conway had died and I remember my dad with tears in his eyes and on his cheeks. I had not seen many tears from him. I remember that every Saturday night we would watched some TV show in the living room and at the same time in the kitchen there was a 1800 in the USA show on the radio. People called in to request songs (think Delilah or KC Kasum) and many of the songs I associate with my youth were played. Every time you walked into the kitchen there was that show and some song playing or a sappy story being told. Sigh. We used to have Billy Rae Cyrus' first tape of his Achie Breakie Heart in the car and we'd play it loud as Jules and my dad and I drove around the lake. I probably know most of those words still if I were to put it on.
I imagine my friends and family remembering me with songs someday when this life is done with me. Sometimes, a song can really say everything you can't or don't know how to. A good song can stop you and make you hit repeat to listen again.
Christmas is around the corner, hard to believe another year is so close to the end and a new one is set to begin. What's in store for me?
Love to all.

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TB said...

Love back at ya :)Thanks for the post on my blog. I needed at a lot today.....