Sunday, November 1, 2009

November begins...

October ends quietly, November begins with a beautiful day.
Joc and I made the trip to Cadillac for Halloween to see Mr. Lucas head out as a cowboy for the big night. It was a typical Halloween night in Cadillac, so cold that you have to bundle up enough so no one can tell who/what you are. Thus the reason my sisters, brother and I were generally ghosts or witches (the hat could be worn and made the whole outfit!). I think Lucas had fun, he doesn't quite grasp the concept yet, so I figure next year he'll be wild and crazy into it and after the candy. This year, we did a large block loop then back to mom's house where us adults poured out his candy and proceeded to eat it. He didn't even notice and hardly likes candy! A perfect evening.
Back home today, Joc finished raking the leaves in the backyard, 10 bags total I believe! I got some reading done for class, then cleaned the house top to bottom. My fingers are prunney and my back sour from bending over. Apparently I should order my swifter in tall as well as my mop so I can stand upright when using them! Oy, who doesn't think of us tall people?!
Just a month and a half until class is finished for the break. I made the leap, put in my parttime notice. 2 more weeks as a fulltime RN then who knows? I have stopped fretting about it so much, I am just letting whatever happens, happen. When I am in my Spring semester, I'll send out some resumes, do some interviews and play it by ear. I have a pretty wide open future sitting in front of me, many options and many skills to put to use. The stress from school and the stress from my indecisions were giving me breakouts! Enough already!
Also, sending out my thoughts and prayers to the Janik family who has endured the loss of their son and brother, Tom. I am sorry, Teresa, that you and your family are among us who know the loss of a brother. You were blessed with Tom for 33 years, take each precious memory you have, write it down, keep it special. Speak of him often, remember him always and know that he is in a good place, with God. I pray that time heals your heart and you remember him always.

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TB said...

it is so good to know jen that even after all these years i still have you to depend on. much love to you my friend :)