Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Spaghetti Batman!

Happy day.
Just a brief posting today, already December.
Working on completing class stuff, just one last journal submission due Friday and I'm home free for the rest of December! I can't wait to read a book not related to nursing education, not that I mind my books for school it's just nice to mix it up with a little bit of a plot here and there.
Heading to work for another couple hours of meetings, seriously it gets old being so involved. (c: Not really.
Tacky Christmas sweater party Saturday, my house, 7pm. Wear your tackiest sweater and bring a white elephant gift. We have some beer, munchies... should be fun. Let me know if you want to come and I'll get you my address. Bound to be a romping good time!
Some plans for the holidays, did some shopping over the weekend, mostly for myself. Opps!
That's about it y'all!
Hope your holidays are shaping up nicely.
Ho ho ho!

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