Friday, March 19, 2010

I just bought my cap and gown...gulp!

Well, today is a great end to the week. I am officially re-certified as an ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) provider, I completed my comprehensive exam for my three-year, advanced degree in nursing education (although the best will be when I hear back whether I have passed all of the 5 parts, then the true relief comes), and the weather has been beautiful since our return from Mexico. To top it all off: I bought my cap, gown and cape thing for my May 7th graduation. It should arrive in the mail in one week, I hope I measured my head correctly and when it asked for my chest size I went with the bra size... they make those things big right? I also decided to purchase a nursing pin from MSU, since I have already lost my UDM (undergrad) pin I hope to take better care with this one. We don't have a pinning ceremony for this degree, but I think it represents my education.
Now I just have to make it through a project and a health policy paper on Obama's new healthcare bill. Sounds simple enough.
I am finished teaching clinical for my graduate degree, now I have to move into the role of the teacher. I am looking forward to this, the next question I usually get is: "now what are you going to do?" So, why don't I just fill you in on my plan today, March 19th, 2010 (subject to change in the next 53 days):
there are posted openings through Ferris State University and GRCC that I hope to submit my resume or CV for, I also have a personal referral from Sister Linda (my undergrad teacher and my preceptor from last semester) to apply for the med-surg professor opening at UDM in Grand Rapids. I have some reservations related to this position. UDM is moving towards requiring all full-time professors to enroll in a PhD program. I do not desire a doctorate degree (at this time) nor a full-time position as I want to keep my part-time job in the hospital, and I have another reservation that I am choosing not to write about. I am almost certain I will submit my resume to all three options and see what turns up for choices and where I can start as soon as possible so I can start bringing in some dinero. I have butterflies thinking about running a clinical solo or standing in front of a classroom teaching students, actually teaching them. gulp.

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TB said...

take a deep breath, move forward and be proud Jenn :) I am so proud of you!