Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The new job

Well, I've been at the new job for a week now.  I started last Monday with a 4 hour "orientation" to the job and it's broad and very non-specific requirements.  I was excited but honestly, a little bored.  I have to sit down with about every "white coat" (as I call the leadership, non-staff persons) in the hospital to introduce myself and see what their job is and how it relates to my job.  Yippee.  (insert sarcasm script there)  I'm lucky though, I'm working in critical care, amongst the people I know and love working with and around.  Many of the people I have to "introduce" myself to already know me, so it'll be quick.  Kristy, the gal who they hired as the other part timers, has ER experience and she's in the Oncology area of the hospital.  She knows minimal people, although she was on committees and knows people from those, and she has that friendly, easy to talk to personality.  But she doesn't even know her way around the hospital at times.  So, she has a bigger learning curve than I do.
I like the job, so far.  I'm just trying to get organized really.  And find stuff to do.  Yesterday, I voluteered to coordinate orientation for new nurses... but was told I shouldn't as I'll be off on maternity leave for 8 weeks.  Ugh.  This kid puts a cramp in things.  Luckily, Kristy voluteered and said we could work together  so I could take over when I come back if I wish to.
Another thing is the old critical care educator had a candy dish that she kept filled pretty much all the time.  I bought three bags of candy last week and it's all gone!  Woa.  I can't keep this shit up!  Not to mention, I'm sitting by the candy dish... I'd love nothing more than to eat it all day.  Jeez.  I don't know if candy will stay high on my priority list, that's for sure.  (c:

The baby shower was excellent, the thank you's are still unfinished.  )c:  We got new french doors and a new back door, and the house is warmer already!  It's freakin' amazing.  And we can have a door mat now!  Our old back door was warped and dragged across the kitchen floor when opened, this one actually fits in the frame correctly and doesn't move the mat when opened.  I was so excited when I saw it!  So worth the money to replace the doors.  Love love love them.  If we decide to stay in this house, you know windows are back on the top of my wish list. (c:  I haven't told Joc though...
About a month to go until the due date.  This countdown is annoying but inevitable.  I'm anxious to see what the baby looks like, how labor will be and what life with a child is like.  Soon, so very soon we will see.  It just feels like a long time away still.

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