Thursday, April 7, 2011


Solution to my previous dilemma:  the boss lady agreed to 24 hours a week in the salary position, so I officially (over the phone and email) accepted the job.  The offer letter is "supposedly" in the mail, I start Monday the 18th but have no clue what my schedule will look like.  I'm not even sure how flexible it will be or if I'll find myself at the hospital 5 days a week but for different amounts of time each time.  Regardless, I hope I've made the correct decision and that I enjoy the new role as much as I hope.  It's bittersweet, as my shifts on the unit will be significantly less, I hope to pick up at least one 12 a month but depending on my workload for the new job and how I feel in the last couple months of the pregnancy...  I have said since graduating nursing school that I would only work as a bedside nurse for 5 years, here I am at 6 years and I'll be sad to leave it behind.  I'm praying this is the path I am supposed to go down and I will still have opportunities.  I will mostly miss my co-workers and friends, but will still seem them, at least the ones I am truly friends with.  

Another issue I've brought up on this blog: religion.  Our struggle, well Joc's more than mine, with the Catholic faith not accepting our relationship has come to a head... but not a big nasty one, a nice and hopefully peaceful one.  One of the nuns from Aquinas that Joc spent a semester in Ireland with, Sister Alice, was at the Ireland reunion that we attended a few weeks back.  Sister Alice has a gay niece who lives in CO and just had a baby with her partner.  We didn't really get into a deep convo with her at the reunion but Joc decided to go to mass at the Marywood chapel (where the Dominican nuns live, whom are affiliated with Aquinas and we were told by a neighbor has an accepting congregation and a more liberal approach to the faith).  She ran into Sister Alice at mass but it wasn't until a few days later that Sister Alice emailed Joc to welcome her and let her know how happy she was that Joc had decided to come to mass there.  Joc then took the opportunity to express her frustrations with the Catholic church and Father Jim's outright refusal to baptize our baby.  Sister Alice's response was lovely.  She pretty much disagrees with the stance and hopes that the church moves forward soon (which I'm not holding my breath for but whatever) but she also let her know that there are multiple gay couples who attend mass at Marywood and she's pretty sure there have been baptisms for gay couples there too.  She encouraged us to come again and speak with another Sister, who later also emailed Joc to welcome her.  It felt nice, and I know Joc was pretty pleased with how it has played out.  We'll have to see how it all goes and hopefully, we've found a nice Catholic home to raise our kids without changing our faith to fit our needs.

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TB said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful :) i am happy for you and joc to have found such a great parish. we are still working on that....... and we don't have the same challenges you two face! go girls go!