Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shower time!

The nursery is almost complete, thank you Jocelyn!!  Joc has done so, so much in that room, who am I kidding, she's done pretty much everything... I think I weighed in on when it was time to take the spare bed out and helped move the furniture a little but really, that's about it.  She painted a row of sheep on the wall that she made by drawing and cutting out cardboard stencils, she made our old TV armoire into a mini closet (the doors and drawers need one last coat of paint and should be installed by the end of the weekend), she unpacked the crib and put it together in record time, she took an old dresser put a fresh coat of paint on it and changed the knobs for fancy brushed nickel knobs and built a changing table topper for the baby to have diaper changes.  She bought some nice baskets for blankets, and organized the clothes, she's rearranged the room (a few times) so it flows perfectly, she installed a dimmer switch for the light, and bought a nightlight to keep on for the baby.  She's been the perfect helper for this baby momma.  I am so blessed and lucky to have her around to help us prepare and most days, I think she's more excited than I am to meet this dancer that's grown to about 5 pounds now in my uterus.  (I call him or her a dancer because he likes to back his butt up into my right side... I've taken to singing that song, "back that thing up" all the time... I rub my side and say, "honey, there's no more room over there!")  She rubs my feet after a long day at work, is sensitive (most times) to my hormonal needs, and is constantly rubbing my belly and talking to our baby.

I took some pictures of the nursery last night but Joc wants to wait until the doors are completed and on the closet before sharing them on facebook and on here.... so you'll have to wait a few more days, it's very cute and very baby.

We have our big and final shower Saturday, we are excited to see our friends and family and to hang out with them to celebrate the baby that will join us soon (thank goodness!).  We'll wash the clothes, pack the diaper bag (thanks Rachael!), and start thinking about our hospital bags (although really how can we pack that bag when I might need to wear those clothes yet... and my toiletries are used at least 2x a day... those might be the last minute things we grab along with a meal, when my water breaks or labor begins).

It's getting closer and closer.  It's getting real and yet still so unbelievable... there's a baby in my belly.  I know it's true but I'm not sure I believe it just yet, not until it comes out and omg... there is it.  Gulp.

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