Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few good books

So I was able to read a few more books in the last couple months, thought I'd share my thoughts and the titles with you.

"One Day" A book that is now a movie, follows two people from their meeting in London on one day and then where they are and how they grow up/change as the years go by.  It follows that day as the book progresses.  It was a decent read, interesting concept.

"Long Drive Home" by Will Allison.  One their drive home, a father and daughter narrowly avoid an accident only to come in contact with that driver again.  This time, father tries to teach the reckless driver a lesson resulting in an accident that changes all their lives.  A quick, easy read that leaves you shaking your head at the decisions the father makes over and over.

"Lone Survivor" by Marcus Lattrell.  Oh man, oh man, this was a great read.  True story of a 4 man team of Navy Seals who head out on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan.  As indicated by the title, the mission goes very very badly.  I was in tears, let's put it that way.  The book also explains the process of becoming a Seal and man, those guys work hard!  This was an eye opening book and it still stays with me.  I think about the three guys who gave every last bit of themselves... woa, highly recommend.

"Stories I only tell my friends" Rob Lowe (yes, the famous guy).  It's an interesting perspective into the world of celebrity.  Rob tells his story in a cleaver, easy and flowing way.  I enjoyed the look at his life from a young boy living in Dayton OH dreaming of becoming a movie star.  He had what I'd call amazing luck as he encountered multiple famous people along the way.  And the look at The Outsiders and The West Wing was pretty neat.  He was also friends/neighbors with the Sheens (Martin, Emilio and Charlie) and the Penns (Sean).  Just sort of a fun, easy read.

Next up: The Help

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Suzanne S said...

I think you will love The Help. Read Vivaldi's Virgins, very good.