Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is he a good baby?

First, what kind of question is this? Is any mother or father going to say, "no, my kid is the worst kid ever."? Probably not. Second, how can you quantify how your baby is? What defines a "good baby" from a "bad baby?" and really, should we label a baby as "bad"? Aren't we setting them up for issues in their near future? Thirdly, if it's just a question to pose to fill the space, similar to those top things never to ask me when I'm pregnant, then why ask it. What's your response when the parent says, "no"? Pity? Or are you looking for a chance to offer your not wanted advice?
My baby, little Patrick, is sweet and smiley much of the time but like every baby, he has to cry to get his needs expressed. So what if his crying fits generally happen when we are out with him or around other people? So what if he doesn't sleep "through" the night yet. My babe needs his naps to make him happy and if that makes him high maintenance then so be it. So, I'm just adding that to a list of things i'll never say or ask a new mom or dad cuz really, every baby has their moments, no matter how "good" or "bad" they are.

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TB said...

bingo! you got it mama!

i assure you that your little man is a sweet little man who is a great baby :)

ps my boys are good boys too :) and as i tell them sometimes, i love them even when they are naughty or make poor choices :)

Jen said...