Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally, a cloudy day!

I had the best run I've had in weeks, thanks to a cloudy, drizzly and cool day. I awoke to this beautifully dreary day and was excited to throw on my running clothes and hit the pavement. I felt exhilarated and full of energy, it was great! Considering Denver gets an average of 300 days of sunshine a year (Maggie says it's even sunny when the snow is falling!) I am lucky to have one of the other 65 days today. It sounds odd maybe that I'm so excited about this, but coming from the Midwest and Michigan, for that matter, where we tend to be the cloudiest city in the state, I miss a dreary, rainy, thunderstormy day once in a while.
I uploaded a few pictures I took yesterday downtown of the Capital building. Probably nothing too "special" per se about it, but a couple pretty shots, it's got that gold dome thing. It's supposedly real gold too, amazing that the homeless don't try to crawl up and take a chunk, ya know? (c: Ha!
I went to the infamous "16th street pedestrian mall" with my friend Maggie and her boy toy and their son. We had a nice dinner at a chophouse and walked around a bit. Then they took me on a quick driving tour (the baby was needing to get home to bed) and I snapped a few pictures of the gold topped building. I'll head back down sometime later to maybe do the tour or at least walk up the steps to where it says that it's one mile about sea level. That's in my future plans. For now, I'll settle on what I've got. Denver's downtown is oddly laid out, see it's at an angle compared to the rest of the city. Almost like when they formed downtown they realized it was laid out poorly, so the rest of the city it planned out better and in a grid-like layout. If you have a map or atlas you might be able to tell what I mean. But, the downtown isn't really huge, compared to say, Chicago or New York, and much easier to manuveur compared to say, Boston. There's Cherry Creek or Clear Creek that runs through downtown (I can't remember the name at the moment) and a few parks too. I need to do some more investigating, that's for sure. I have a few months to do this, don't worry.
Back to homework for me, I was lucky enough to get a "free week" as my prof called it last week with nothing due, but this week I have a quiz and a posting to get finished. So, I'll be bringing that to work with me (since I'm getting paid to sit around most of the time!). I love to learn!!
Well, hope you all had a stupendous weekend, back to the grindstone!
BTW-(by the way) my friend Rachael, made it to New York City on her sailboat and I believe today is her first day of work in the Bronx, shout out to you Rachael, good luck with the new assignment!
Does anyone have any new gossip from Saint's they want to share? Major happenings or people coming and going? Miss you all and miss those day shifts! Nothing beats living a "normal" schedule. (c:


Julie said...

Hey Jenn I'm keeping up with the blogs. I had a great 4th! Found out I am going to be a grandma, again! Tommy (my youngest) and his wife Sara are expecting and due in March. We're so happy. We also were putting up the "annual year's worth of hay in the heat and humidity and enough rain already!" day.
So happy you are having a great time. Update from Saints: working on the staffing for Hauenstein and now both Dave's are leaving. Take care and miss you Julie

Jocelyn Hodack said...

I like the colored writing. Great special effects. Cooper and I miss you. By the way, even when you're home and I'm around, you still talk to yourself. Or maybe you're talking to me?