Saturday, July 5, 2008

The beauty of a good book

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th and a good weekend (I'm sure most of you, if not all, will read this on Monday or sometime next week). Today is the 5th, I worked last night and am proud to say, slept most of today away!! It felt so nice to wake at 5pm and be excited about it, it was the first time since I started working nights that I've slept that long, yippee! (Ok, maybe I'm not that excited but come on, give me a smile at least!) Now, the bad news is that I don't work tomorrow or tonight for that matter and will probably stay up late instead of flipping back to a more normal routine. This night thing really screws you up.
Anyway! There's not much going on here, well, I'm sure there's plenty going on in Denver but I don't have anything planned for tonight.
I did finish another book yesterday, but the thing was that as I was nearing my shift I was close to finishing and so I was speed reading to get finished but incidentally ended up skimming over a lot. I got the jist of what happened but I think as soon as I finish this entry I'll re-read the ending of the book. It was a good book, a newer one by Ann Brashares called "The Last Summer (of You and Me)". A good summer read and one of those books that you finish with excitement to see what happens but sadness to know it's all of their world that you get. I enjoyed the read and miss getting into books that much, since school has kept me busy and homelife I've stopped reading as much. But now, with school so light and me having a good amount of freetime, I've rediscovered my love for it. Unfortunately I only have two other books that I brought, so Borders here I come! (it's closer than Barnes & Nobel) Oh, I hear my mom telling me to go to the library (c:
Alright, I'll end my entry I didn't have much to tell you anyway. Hope you are all well!

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