Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's today? Friday?

Hey ya, been offline a few days, working. One more night and I'm off for another stretch, this I could get used to. Day shift I wasn't crazy about working 3 in a row all the time, because let's all agree that the degree of energy and happenings on the day shift is definitely higher than nights so you can get so tired after a 12 hour shift. Nights is a different tired. But, working three nights in a row is good because then you get in the mode of staying up at night and sleeping during the day.
Anyway, blah blah. I woke up about an hour ago, just waking up and now I'm going to go do a quick workout then get ready for another night. Work has been ok, I'm definitely not feeling 100% challenged, which is something I need at work. There have been days, but not a lot. Last night I had a lady (sorry to all my non-medical friends, I'm gonna go off here for a minute) who had two clots in her SVC and one in her R IJ so she went to IR, had two venous sheaths in her bilateral brachial veins with TPA running all night. She also had heparin infusing in an IV, I told her when she wanted to get up to go to the bathroom, I was like, "no, if you fall or bump yourself...I don't want that pressure on me!" She was the nicest lady, and hopefully the tPA broke up her clots and she won't be in the ICU again tonight. It was interesting, I've never had a patient like that before, and I got to access an implanted port, which I've only done like once. That's been my excitement, they have a pt going up on CVVH but I haven't done their class (so I can't take the patient) bummer.
Life has been good here, hot the last couple days so I've been sleeping with the AC on. I think it was 97 on Wednesday! Ey! I went for a pedicure with Maggie (my friend) on Tuesday, it was ok, not the best pedi I've ever had. Quick, but I did get a new color on my toes, it's a purpley/marroony/creamy color. I like it. At least my feet got scrubbed up nice and clean (c:
I'm getting my haircut and eyebrows waxed tomorrow (I'm in desperate need of the brows, it's a jungle up there! and my hair is a bit shaggy for me) I'm debating what I'm going to do with my hair, I'm thinking I might grow it a little. Juli's wedding is Sept 6 so that gives me a couple months to let it fill out...and if it doesn't fly, then I can always chop it again, right? Right.
Ok, I'm gonna drink a little more water, then go sweat it up. Hope everyone is having a good day, working hard but not too hard! Are Melissa and Kari back yet from maternity leave?
Hi to everyone reading this, sending my hugs and kisses via the internet! Thanks for keeping up with the blog.


Julie said...

Hi Jenn Dave F.'s last day today. I want to go in to work and say goodbye. Kari H. is back and Allison is on days. Crazy to see them on days cause it makes me think my shift is almost over when I see them. I love having them on days. I saw pictures of Annie's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful! As she is. Dave G. is working in cardiac cath now and I haven't seen him but, I hope he likes it. There is rumor of others in the unit traveling and even though I will miss them I want to say "GO>>>GO FOR ME..." I hope they have good experiences and adventures like you and Rachael. I'm precepting again.

My son (Tommy) is being interviewed for the Michigan State Police and we (his family) were interviewed in a very thorough background check. The investigator really likes him and called him an excellent candidate. I hope he gets in.

I hope everything is going well it sounds like it. Dave F. said that I need to take over the role of cruise director when he leaves. I am the most unlikely person to help others have fun!!! I'm ususally the person in the corner. I am NOT qualified and have never had training:). I guess you need to come home and take over. Take care Jenn miss you Julie

Jenn's Adventure said...

wow julie, Thanks for the update. I can't believe fritzler is already leaving, he must have gotten a good gig.
Thanks for leaving comments on my blog, it's nice to know many people read it. (thanks to everyone else too, not just Julie).
I bet Annie's wedding was beautiful, I can't believe everyone is growing up so fast! (c: And Allison and Kari on days, wow! Now I can't wait to get back and function with them on a day to day basis.
You are very capable of being the fun leader, or maybe the role of instigator is better! (c: Have confidence in yourself, I know you can do it until I can get there and help out.
Good luck to Tommy, hope he gets the job!

Kelly said...

well jenn,
annie'e wedding was GORGEOUS...think the classiest (and whitest) wedding you've ever been to. right down to the chair coveres. i'll email you a picture.
anyway, sara and i are glad we dont have to stare at your jungle eyebrows all day. actually, i wish i was staring into those beautiful catepillars right now...sigh. haha.
its fun to have allison on days but then sara is going back to nights...she's not looking forward to it. annie's going to be on days after her honeymoon, and melissa comes back in a couple weeks.
and now to read more posts...
once again,
sara and kelly signing off