Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally, it's over!

I never thought tonight would end, you know those nights where it's so slow and boring (because your patients want to sleep and aren't my typical ICU sedated/intubated)? Well, I had one of those nights, two patients, both just wanted their bedtime meds and to be left alone...I was like, "what am I supposed to do?" Then, to top off my tiredness, my preceptor anal Barb, crazy Barb, decides to go through my checklist of competencies (what I should know, how well I know it and what I need assistance with) and review EACH ONE! Let me tell you, I was beyond irritated and exhausted at this point (3am) and she went over every single bullet point, there must have been 30-40 per page and 8-10 pages! I lost count, I took a nap, I perused the internet, I read a magazine, I told her I wasn't a new nurse, I know how to assess a patient and how to titrate gtts (my medical friends will know what I'm talking about). She even stopped in the middle and said, "I'm probably telling you things you already know! ha ha ha" I looked at her, no laughter on my face adn said, "yeah, I do know most of it and if I didn't I would ask someone when it comes up. I'm not gonna remember a damn thing you are telling me right now!" She just laughed, I wasn't being funny! I never recovered from that, I was dead tired the rest of the night.
I did find time to check into the Denver and Colorado websites and have multiple trails and hikes to check out as well as day trips over the Rockies into mining towns where I can chill in the hot springs or drive the highest peak in N. America (with a paved road).
I have three days off, work the 4th and then have the weekend off. I guess one bonus I get is that I rarely have to work a weekend, they are staffed well so, like I said before, if you need to get away, come to Denver! My door is always open, figuratively speaking. (c:
OK, I feel like I'm drunk and typing and my eyeballs tell me I need to go to bed.

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MelRN said...

Jenn....what no, WTF's in the middle of your nursing lessons? Come on, don't let me down!!