Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

A whole new name for a horse's ass! Of course the damn elephant turned just as I was setting up for my kodak moment...the nerve! So, I ended up with his butt....jeez.

It was a hot, lazy kind of day but I headed to the City Park, which is about 3 miles from my apartment, to the Denver Zoo (it's in the is the Museum of History and a golf course, this park is pretty big). I believe it was about 100 degrees, give or take a degree, but I was inside most of the morning/early afternoon with homework and working out. By the time I hit the outdoors for the serious animal searching, I can't say it was much cooler..but it wasn't so bad. There are a lot of animals at the Denver Zoo, namely lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), zebra, giraffes, birds of all sorts, monkey, gorilla, camel, polar bears, seal, a couple species of cat, cheetah, hippo,, there are more but I can't remember them all! It was really cool. I'll upload a few pictures for you all. I spent a couple good hours there, wandering around and looking at the many animals the zoo is host of. It was hot but gosh, the zoo was never so interesting and relaxing. There's something about those animals that makes you sort of intrigued. I'm sad for them to be trapped as they are in a sense, but maybe that's all they know, there were quite a few babies. Then you have the endangered species like the rhino, that have been killed for their horns. It's kind of sad all around. And the danger some of the animals emit without trying, you can sense. Heck, outside the bear area the sign said not to climb on the railing because the animals are very dangerous. Who needs a sign like that?! Hello! That's a "here's your sign" moment if I've ever seen one!
I also went to an Improv club tonight with my friend Maggie and her boyfriend. Oh man, I laughed so hard my cheeks are still soar! The headliner was hilarious McMillan is his name. He does unique comedy with a powerpoint because he's an engineer and in his words, "likes to chart shit". We were rolling, and the guy just before him, he was funny too. It was a relaxing and fun time.
The weekend is here again, amazing. Hope everyone has a fun time, stay cool.Monkey business, when I walked up he was reaching outside the fencing to grap some leaves, then jump up to his perch. My phone rang as I was taking a picture and he gave me the look you get when your phone rings in a quiet setting. It was funny.
This guys isn't dead, just looks like it, his neck is all bent funny, all the animals were moulting in the heat, it was sort of gross...
In relation to the building, this guy is tall! He was pacing back and forth too, it was kind of funny. Wonder what he was thinking about! It must have been stressful. (c:

It was hot, the hippos stayed underwater, they keep their nostrils just above the surface for of them even made a funny snorting noise, sounded like a pig!

This one, I know it's a little blurry, but he was running around his "home" just before this, then came up to the glass, planted it and looked at all of us. Probably wondering what the hell we were all looking at! (c: The kids in the place loved it, they were getting all excited he was sitting there. It was a cool little experience, I felt like Jane Goodall...right.


Julie said...

Hi Jenn, I'm at work AGAIN. Sara says sorry for not responding, she's been off for 8 days. (My heart bleeds. My horses look like that camel on hot days. They are better looking standing up than laying down for sure. I would love to go to that zoo some day. So glad you are doing well. Talk to you later Julie.

Kelly said...

hey jenn,
who snorts louder, you or the hippo?? jk jk. sara and i miss you :( glad you're having fun!!
(we know we're just now reading from the 9th but we're catching up...give us a break)