Monday, July 21, 2008

The smell of grass in the morning

Hola, Happy Monday everyone!
I'm on my blog again, procrastinating my homework...just eating my english muffin and drinking a bit of water so I'm hydrated for my workout. It's 11 o'clock here, I woke up at 830, made coffee, felt exhausted and crawled back into bed for another hour of sleep! Working nights just makes me tired all the time! I don't know how people do it constantly and with kids, etc...Kudos to you (as my favorite fictional character Juno would say).
I'm off until Wednesday night, so that means I'll be blogging in my free/procrastination time. (c: Lucky you! Shouldn't be as hot today, in the high 80s so I might spend some time by the pool to work on my tan. The sun is hot here so I usually only stay out for an hour or two, I have trouble napping in the sun I just get so hot.
My big plans are to take my bike, ride to City Park (where the zoo is) and scope out the's supposed to be big and beautiful. I might even head into the Museum and check that out, but that'll depend on the time, my feelings at the time, what I think of the park and again, what I feel like doing. (c: I'm gonna hit up the library on my way home, check out a couple hundred items (not really) and then spend some serious time on my homework for the week and my project. I'm actually interested in my topic this week, it's about health care in community and I am assigned to look up the current presidential candidates stance on health care. I don't have the big players, I'm assigned the other parties (think Libertarian, etc) so I'm intrigued of what I might find out. It'll help me make an informed decision in November.
Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about you! Ha, I'm in a goofy mood today!
Church went okay yesterday, it was a big, open circle set-up, it was also the teen mass so there was a teen choir, and drums and guitar. A little echoey for my liking and I had trouble understanding the priest, he had a lisp. Se la vi, what can you do? He seemed very nice and Margaret insisted on having Joseph (her child) blessed for teething on the way out. She's a bit crazy if you don't know her, but endearing, that's what I'll call it (c: I got a few things out of the homily so that's all I can ask for right? We'll see how I feel about going next week....
Ok for now, I'm gonna get started with my day.
Peace out homies!


Shelly-belly said...

OMG you're gay!? :) Miss u, wish you were coming home for the bachelorette party - won't be real tubing trip w/out you to save my feet from the leeches! It's hot hot hot here in Cbus, makes me so tired to go outside and walk around at lunch when I try to wake-up a little.
Went to see Mama Mia this weekend - so much fun, great story, good movie - don't ask Luis though cause he kept saying "more singing!?" everytime another song started... his first musical, think that I won't be able to drag him to another :) Also saw Dark Night - trade for seeing my musical - but it was good, liked it... he thought it was a lot like other Batman movies (but it was my first so I got to really enjoy it).
All of the attorney's leave on Wednesday for a bonding retreat (all the support staff get to stay in the office and bond) so everyone says it's gonna be really laid back and relaxed here while they're gone the rest of the week - we'll see...somehow I think they'll make sure we have lots to do while they're gone! :)
Okay, hasta la pasta! Peace out homey! -Michelle

Jocelyn said...

I'm proud of you lady. I know you've wanted to travel for a long time and you're doing it. I miss you so much and feeling overwhelmed today. I sure could use you to help with the laundry, cleaning, mowing, taking Cooper for walks, cooking, and I could really use a great big hug tonight. Feeling a bit sad tonight because I miss you so much. Only a few more weeks and I'll be out there. I'm really looking forward to it. Keep up with the blogs. Even though we talk several times throughout the day, I enjoy reading them. I hear your laughter in your words.