Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sittin', watchin' the world go by...

Happy July 3rd everyone! Summer is definitely in full swing here in Colorado, the sun is ridiculously hot, I sweat just walking to my car, thank goodness for AC! Another day off found me picking up my first paycheck, which I was pleasantly surprised to get my first housing stipend that I didn't think I'd get until the end of July (I was pleased when the woman said, "two checks?", like I'm gonna say, "no, that can't be right!!"). I had lunch at my favorite sandwich shop in the entire world, Jimmie Johns!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that there was one right in the hospital!!! Happy day! (Lucky for me and my checkbook, it's only open for lunch so no Jimmies for me when I'm working) Joc made a funny comment today, they should re-name it Jimmie Jenn's...I thought that was clever and can't believe I didn't think of that, usually I say the funny stuff and she repeats it and gets the biggest laugh. (c: I also took some time to find a post office and mail a few things, then decided to go to one of the 200 parks in Denver and read my book.
I'm working on my tan, even though it will be a farmer's tan until my damn pool is finished, so I sat at a picnic table. I'm not sure why Denverites like to make things dark that sit in the blazin' heat! You can see the end of the table in the picture, it's forest green and when I sat down it took it about 30 seconds to seep through my shorts and cause me to jump up and holler out. I had this happen another time too when I sat outside at a table to have lunch (during orientation) and the chairs were black metal, hello??? My fellow orientees and I had to get a stack of paper under our bums to absorb the heat. So, the picnic table took me a bit of sitting, standing, sitting, standing to get my skin used to it but I managed. Once I could feel the sweat trickling down my back and chubbies I decided to call it a day and head home, just too hot. I realized when I got to my car and my butt regained feeling, that apparently my butt had also been hot and decided to sweat, it must have looked like I peed my pants, ha ha! As I walked the hallways in my apartment to get my mail, I rarely see anyone in the hallways, but today, with my sweaty a** I saw 4 people! And they were walking behind me, I had to chuckle and wonder if they noticed my large, wet butt...ha ha. There's no covering up a wet butt in Khaki, Oh well!
I've read two books so far, on my third and hoping to get a few more completed after that. I find it relaxing and at times I think I should get out more and do more, then I stop and think, at home I would do homework and read too. Why do I have to force myself to go out, I have gone to the parks many times and will many more times but sitting on my balcony reading has been ok by me. Gas is too expensive to take multiple trips a week, so I've decided to try to do one a week. I feel like I'm settling in well here, I actually miss Michigan some days but know I'm here for something, you know I'll let you know what that is when I figure it out. Somehow God always shows me in His way, not mine.
Like I said before, I know now why I never lived alone, I find myself talking to myself (not like conversations) but I'll just talk through something and not realize I'm saying it out loud until I'm done. I know most of you don't know this, but I'm quite the talker! It's always been nice to have one other person in my presence to share things with.
My phone has become a permanent part of my face I think, ha, but that's ok, I don't mind. If you want my address, shoot me an email and I'll send it out, I don't want to put that on the web for all to see freely ya know?
Blah blah, here I go again. I'll stop now, wish you all a Happy 4th of July, I have to work (it's ok since it'll mean holiday pay!) but have the weekend off. Wish my pool was done but always have my friend Maggie's to go chill by. Eat a hotdog for me and drink a beer (I'll probably have a beer here, but you can still use the excuse to drink an extra one for me!)
Be well.

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Jen said...

Damn girl!! I'm jealous! I want to be in the Mountains!!! :) It's so beautiful! I'm glad you are enjoying your time out there! It'll go fast! Miss you girl! :)