Monday, July 14, 2008

And so it goes...

My computer is acting all crazy, giving me weird websites and such. I was just about to sign off when it worked. So, here's hoping.
The weekend is over, sort of seems like it just started. My upstairs neighbor is outside on his or her (I dont' know which one) balcony smoking and since I have my fan in the window sucking cool air in, I'm getting a room full of cigarette smell. Love it!
I'm tired tonight, I managed to hike it to the local library (because I finally broke down and knew I should take out a few book instead of buying a ton...thanks mom!) on Saturday, it's about 1.5-2 miles from my apartment, although it took me about 40 minutes to walk there, so I could be wrong. Saturday morning I thought it was super hot out, so I went to my clubhouse to do a bit of working out, and in walking outside, realized that the sun was definitely out and hot but the air was nice and the breeze was perfect. So, that's when I decided I would walk to the library. Well, it got hot when I started to put some extra energy into it! But, nonetheless, it was a nice walk and I got 3 books. I also found out that I can take out up to 300 items!! I thought the lady was joking with me...but no, apparently they have DVDs, books on tape, CDs etc to rent and that high limit allows you a lot of items. I stuck with my books. So then, I got home and was a good student, I studied for my quiz, took my quiz and then settled in to start one of the books.
I'm not sure how many of you are Nicholas Sparks fans, I fell in love with his stories back when Message in a Bottle and the Notebook were out. Really good reads, easy to get into, hard to put down just to find out what happened in the end. They are chick reads though, usually involving a lady and a guy who eventually fall in love and suffer a few trials and tribulations before ending up, happily ever after! Which is why when his last book came out I was sort of over it, feeling as though he used the same subject matter and changed a few characteristics around. Well, I picked up his book, The Choice, and read it cover to cover Saturday. He does not disappoint, yes, the story was similar but I found myself unable to put it down because I had to know the end! Jeez, craziness. It was a good read, as a nurse, I felt a little disappointed in the ending (from a medical perspective, not from a good read perspective), in all other ways the ending was good. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, liked his other books, felt involved with them, then dive into this one but make sure you have the time to read it in one sitting, it's a tough one to put down.
What else, Mom did her second triathalon today (sunday). Good job, Ma! I didn't get a chance to call you because I was at a picnic lunch with a couple friends and hanging out, before I knew it, it was 930 here adn 1130 in Cadillac. So, I'll call Monday to get the low down on how it all went. I looked up the results, you all did really well. Good swim time too, 18 minutes, that's great! I'm proud of you!
So I had plans to go to Pikes Peak tomorrow, but that I'm going to hold off on for another week or two I think, see I have my final paper/project due for class in two weeks, I need to focus my attention there. And, I need to reserve tickets for the cog (train) up to the summit, and it says to make reservations online a week in advance. I'm driving about an hour to get there, so I don't want to risk getting there and it being sold out. So, I'm going to plan ahead and get tickets for another week. So, tomorrow I think I will head downtown and do the Cherry Creek bike trail that runs about 20-30 miles from downtown out to a "lake" that is a hot spot I guess. I won't be riding that far, no way am I conditioned for that long of a ride, but I think a good time will be had. And, they have a large REI store that I'll check out and make sure I have good shoes for doing some hiking up in the Rockies in the next month or so. I have lots of possible trails to hit up...just need to get myself out there.
Ok, well, I'm gonna turn in for the night, it's been a hot day and my body is tired. Hope everyone's weekend went swimmingly and if you worked, well, I suppose your weekend might start tomorrow. I'm assuming the unit got busy finally, since Julie is pulling extra shifts again, that's a relief! Hope you are all doing well back home, anyone other than Dave leaving to travel yet? Making plans? Keep me posted!
Take care, talk soon, love to all!


Julie said...

OMG! I'm still here at work wondering if the world has changed out there. Love reading your blogs Jenn. Yes, the unit has picked up again. I think the anxiety has picked up too. I'm in Julie's seat I'll write in a bit.

Amy Starkey said...

where are you at??? i feel lost when you don't post everyday or so. :*( my friend is gone...

hope things are going well. you sound like you are enjoying yourself out there! wish i could come visit, but i probably won't be able to make it out there.

oh and i used OMG this morning in my blog. i could have used a more flagrant version of it but i kept it clean! thought you'd be proud of that. have a good day!!!!

Kelly said...

im not in julie's seat..thank God. PS not that this is gossip, but you know im out. sara however, well, she's a lifer. haha just kidding. we will continue to read and get up to date...expect to hear more from us.
love, kelly and sara