Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Hey all, it's been a few days! I haven't been up to much this weekend, just cruising around a little bit and getting more familiar with my surroundings. I got really involved in a book so I just finished that last night, it is called "The Kindness of Strangers" and it was a really involved read. It was about a family that was quite complicated and took on a foster kid who was also very complicated. I enjoyed it, check it out if you like a good read.
I found a mall today called Northfield Mall and it's all outdoors, so it was nice to wander from store to store in the bright/hot sun. I spent some cashola, gots some tanks and a couple new bras from Vic's's their semi-anual sale so I got a few good deals! I love a good deal!
I'm at the "club house" signing up for taxes and direct deposit for work, it was rather easy and quick and now I'm gonna do some homework or read in the sun, whichever sounds better...I'm thinking I'll end up involved in my next book!
I work tonight and tomorrow, my last two days of orientation, I feel like I could get off by tomorrow (oh! that's what she said!! Ha) but I have both nights as an orientee. Just have to deal with Barb being extremely anal...sigh
For those of you who know Maggie Sheehan, she's out here in Denver, working at UCH in the outpatient Oncology department. I spent some time chatting with her yesterday, catching up on Saint's gossip. She and her signifcant other (Jonathan) live out here with their son. She's my one contact here...although Mrs. Fields hooked me up with a family friend too. It's good to have the ability to call someone local and get out sometimes. Dave Fritzler was right, sometimes it can be hard out by yourself, but I hope to meet a few more people at work in the next couple weeks.
Well, this was gonna be a short post but like all my emails, messages and talks it turned into quite an entry!
My pool should be done soon, they have more landscaping and cement pouring on the cabana to do but I'm hopeful that by next weekend I can spend some leisure time by the pool...thank gosh!
Be well!
P.s. I forgot to mention that the first person I met on my unit was singing! So that gave me great hope that I have a fun time ahead of me!!! Unfortunately he works days...oh well. I'll break them in slow to my craziness I suppose (c:
Peace out homey!

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Aunt Mo said...

Hi Jenn:
...glad to hear you're getting settled in. Sounds like the transition has been a little difficult but take it from your wise ole aunt you won't regret going. Its good to stretch yourself beyond that comfort zone. Just makes you confident in who you are. Which brings me to my next point - you're a rock star in my book!!! Take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;-)
Love ya, Aunt Mo