Sunday, June 15, 2008

That's what she said...

Still haven't packed, thought about it a lot just haven't gotten there yet. (c: This is normal for me, I procrastinate until the last minute then rush and throw it all together and it usually turns out ok.
We had a power outage today, well it started last night (Saturday) and it finally came back on Sunday (today) about 3 or 4. I was quite anxious about the food in the fridge and our deep freezer but it all seems ok, we just kept the fridge shut and hoped for the best!
I should get my car back tomorrow, after $700 for fixing my cracked something and recharging my air conditioner. Good as new!! Ready for the 1200 mile trek across the US of A.
I get the official ok from the apartment place tomorrow, we leave Tuesday afternoon, we'll drive about 8 hours and crash in Des Moines, Iowa then wake early Wednesday (we'll gain 2 hours) and drive the remaining 9 hours to Denver. I'll get my apartment key and sign the lease Wednesday. I'm getting excited and more nervous.
I'm anxious to hear how my friend Rachael is doing, who set sail Saturday night from Muskegon for her 3 week trek to her new travel position in NYC. She sailing the whole way, her blog is and hopefully she's able to post soon.
Well, Joc is busy pulling stuff out that I'm gonna take (at least one of us is packing!) and I'm feeling like I should assist. Have a good night and I'll post from the road.

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