Friday, June 13, 2008

Last day and good-byes

Today was my last day at Saint's, it was a quiet day, I don't think I had one Rapid Response that I got a call about. It's just been too quiet in our unit! It was a good day, overall.
I have learned a great deal from my co-workers, about nursing, critical care medicine and about myself. I keep reminding everyone that I will be coming back (and I will), it just feels so final to walk out of the unit.
Tomorrow, we say bye to Rachael as she sets sail. I will miss her easy laughter and her quiet friendship.
I am tired and somewhat sad tonight, ready for this new step and sluggish to take it.
As I write this, I'm at a loss for words so I will leave it for now. My last day shift for a while, onward to new heights, adventures and learning moments.
Peace out!
P.S Mott, you said you posted a comment, I'm not seeing it...make sure you hit publish...???

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Jocelyn Hodack said...

Jenn, you've had so many of your co-workers and friends at work express their excitement for you in the form of cards, gifts, cake, food, a road-trip cd, karaoke, hugs, tears, home visits, and phone calls. All this for a 13 week stint in Denver! Imagine if you were permanently leaving? It truly reflects how well-liked you are and how great of an impact you leave on those you meet.