Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's not late here, I wish it's only 10:50 and my goal is to stay up as late as I can. Is it bad news that I could easily fall asleep now? Yes! I need to flip to the night shift...ugh! That perpetual tired feeling even when I get enough sleep. That's the only part I'm not looking forward to. Here's to staying up as late as possible tonight (hopefully I make it past midnight) and napping tomorrow before my first night shift.
Sleep tight!


Julie said...

Jenn maybe our intensivists should take a trip to Denver to see a different point of view? It sounds sweet and you will have good experiences to bring back;) I was in charge last Sunday with Dr. O and had 7 transfers and 5 admissions. I was already nervous and then jumped in with both feet. I didn't belly-flop though and it all worked out. More interesting than the usual routine. Talk to you later..miss ya..Julie

MelRN said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of nights...been awhile, eh? :o) Just wanted to say a quick hello and even though I not yet back to work I am missing the fact that there won't be any OMG's, swearing up a storm, or sing-a-longs. Talk at ya later gotta go get the munchkin! Melissa