Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

The we are crossing the mighty Mississippi, I have better shots on my camera but this will do for now...

Speed limits ranged from 70s in MI, 65 in IL, 70 in MO, 65-70 in KS and 75!! in CO...when will MI do this??? We all drive that fast anyway!

Hey all, Joc and I arrived in Denver CO today (18th of June) and moved me into my quaint and cozy studio apartment. I am on the edge of a run down neighborhood but if I go one block north, it's a new, up and coming neighborhood with lots of trendy shops and houses. I feel pretty good about the location, and the complex is nice, my car is in a gated area and there's a nice clubhouse with a workout area and free wireless...that'll be nice for my schoolwork.
We haven't seen much of Denver yet, we spent all of the last couple days in the car. We left GR MI Tuesday afternoon (our goal was 12 and we hit the road right on time at 3!!!), my mother and Joc were quite concerned with the state of Iowa post flooding and high rivers, so we decided to head a bit farther south and cut across Missouri and Kansas instead of Iowa and Nebraska. Tuesday we drove straight through Illinois (10 hours with some stops) and into St. Louis, Missouri. We stopped to admire the swollen Mississippi River (there was noted flooding in the lower streets of St. Louis) and the arch which apparently is the "gateway to the Midwest" but we thought it was pretty. I will attach a picture if I remember. We trudged onward Tuesday night, wanting to get part way through Missouri before sleeping, we made it about half way and stayed in a Days Inn off the highway. A record 5 hour stay since we were up and running the next morning because we knew Kansas was gonna be a long haul. And we were right!!!! Talk about flat land and nothingness! I can see how the tornado can rip through those farms. It took us about 11.5 hours to complete the journey today and we rolled into Aero Flats at about 5 pm Denver time (2 hours behind MI) just as we'd planned. I signed the lease, got my keys and we moved in.
Tomorrow, we have plans to head north to Boulder and the Rocky Mountain national forest, I need to do some homework and a bit more shopping to round off my supplies here. It should prove to be a busy next couple days.
Hope you are all well (as you read this), I'll be home in no time! Looking forward to exploring Denver and Colorado and keeping you all updated, thanks for taking the time to read...
be well!

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