Sunday, June 22, 2008

All by myself....

Dropped Joc at the airport this morning, had a nice workout at the gym and did some grocery shopping. Feeling a little lonely right now, anxious to get my work started and get moving on a new position. I have the fight or flight instinct kicking in and feel like fleeing honestly. It's weird to be alone after so long, it's a bit hard to get used to I guess. I think I thought that I'd be just fine, and I will be, but today will be tough I know. I'm gonna settle in to do some homework and a little reading, I have a stack of books I brought to catch up on.
Check in with me tomorrow, I'll be better I'm sure of it.
Be well, jenn

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Julie said...

Jenn, we love and miss you especially Mother Mary:) Most kids write home! Should have taken one of us with you and you wouldn't be so lonely. You know your way home. I'm at work with an artic sun so I'll write you later, Love ya Julie