Monday, June 23, 2008

Every day's a new day.

Well, as I predicted, things have improved and I'm feeling better and less lonely. I had my first day of "work" today, although it was simply orientation to the computer system and scanning meds before I give them. It was a long 9 hour day of blah, blah, blah and just a bit too much enthusiasm from the instructor. I guess you'd have to make the most of it if that was your job. Not to mention, UCH is preparing for a visit from JAACHO (what are the abbreviations?), which is the commission that "grades" the hospital (for the non-medical people) on their policies, etc. We had a few issues, getting kicked out of the computer room we were in and then a fire drill and some computer gliches. Was it a full moon today? (c:
I have one last day of orientation tomorrow, that should entail a tour of the hospital, keep in mind it is a new facility, they moved about a year ago. It has 12 floors I believe, I will be in Medical ICU (I think I get to float too) which is on the 2nd floor. I briefly saw the unit today in search of my schedule, which I didn't find, and it looks nice. I met one girl, Nicole I think was her name, but will meet more in the next week or so I'm sure.
Now that I've started, I feel better and excited. I will bring my camera tomorrow and take a picture of the hospital so you can see it. Thanks for the support after my difficult day yesterday, I miss my Saint Mary's family (Julie and Mary-dogg!!! and all the rest of the gang).
A big hug out to my friend Amy, who lost two people in her life in the last 5 days, please think of her as she grieves her losses, I love you Amers!!
Talk to ya'll lata!


Jocelyn Hodack said...

Hey Lady! Glad to hear you are doing better. I miss you too. Cooper was looking out the window for you tonight so I had to break it to her. My mom used to tell me I had to wait five minutes for something. Since I had no concept of time at that young cutie-pie age, I always waited. Patiently I'm sure. She confessed years later that five minutes was never actually five minutes. So, I followed in my mother's tradition.
By the the title of the blog entry. I suppose it should be followed by "looks like I'm doing fine."
Talk to you later.

Sailor RN said...

Hi Jenn, I don't look forward to the lonely part of the travel thing. Those first few days of getting things settled and figuring things out. I know that you will do fine. Have a good day at work.


Julie said...

Hi Jenn, I think we all have to go somewhere else to know where home is and your home is with us. I didn't go too far away and certainly no where exotic when I went to IR but, I really appreciated coming back to CCU and seeing old and new family. Censes still down and anxiety is a little higher. Miss you very much...sorry for being so serious...I'll work on that. Talk to you soon Julie