Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hola! Tis another day in Denver, it's 10:40a.m. (remember, 2 hours behind MI) and I've just finished replying to some emails and thought I should update my blog as well. To the left is the main part of the hospital in which I'll be working on the 10th floor, I found out that I'm scheduled in the Cardiac ICU (CICU) instead of the medical and I'm happy with this because I'm hoping to see more balloon pumps and heart stuff (since that's my true medical love) than in medical where people kept mentioning the DT patients. (whom I don't enjoy as much) So, that was good news. (c: I have my first night shift tomorrow, Thursday and I orient with another nurse for 3 shifts then I'm on my own the night of 4th of July! I'm quite excited.

More about the hospital, they are a large transplant hospital doing liver (including live donors and cadavers), lung (one lobe all the way to all lobes!), kidney and heart and bone marrow! (I'm really hoping I can get into the Surg ICU some day and get some experience with those heart transplants).
It is not level 1 trauma, but they are working back towards that, they are Magnet status for a while now, meaning they follow evidence based practice, nursing drives many policies and procedures and it's ranked in the top 10 hospitals in the country (according to US Weekly or something like that). The campus is new, they moved a year ago, which was a big process and they shut down Colfax (which is the main road in front of the hospital, think 28th street busy and Division/Wealthy quality) to shuttle all the patients in ambulances and they helicoptered some. The hospital is a large teaching hospital and get this, the doctors are expected to get their own consents from patients, label their own blood specimens and chart things (the rationale: how else will they learn if we always do it for them! I was told nurses have more important and critical things to take care of! Sweet!) There is a health sciences part of the college on this campus and it has medical, nursing and pharmacy schools. They are out of beds too which is amazing because they just moved, and they are about to break ground on a new tower to add beds to the hospital because they have patients who are admitted, housed and discharged from their ER holding! Amazing!
Enough about that, I'll be able to get you the inside scoop in the next couple weeks after I've been working for a bit.
I'm off today, gonna run some errands and stay up late I think. Maybe I'll try to catch a movie? I guess I'll have to find a theater to do that 'ey?
Well, my battery is about the die on me so I'll take that as my que, I'll write again soon!
Talk to you lata!
Oh, I have my schedule through mid-August, if you want to come for a weekend, let me know! I have plenty of space in my 1BR and wouldn't mind the company. (just throwing it out there).

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Sailor RN said...

Sound like a great place to work as far as the doctors doing all that work we end up doing at Saints. Plus a new facility!

Good luck in you first well...few days of orientation.