Friday, June 20, 2008

A new day

Well, it's another gorgeous day in Denver and I am just sitting on my small balcony overlooking some houses with multiple dogs barking (my neighbors back home would just LOVE the noise these animals can make!! "this used to be a quiet neighborhood...).  I am collecting data for my next assignment for school about STDs and HIV in MI, and thinking strongly about going for a run.  Seems the day will go quickly today, I have a couple appointments at the hospital I have to go to, one to sign my contract and the other to get my health screening completed. Yesterday, Joc and I drove by the hospital, it's about 2.5 miles from my apartment and situated in a poor neighborhood.  The hospital is beautiful and big, looks quite new (it is) and the campus is very nice.  I hope to ride my bike to and from work but Joc is worried about the neighborhood...I'm pretty sure I'd be fine but I'll get my feelers out...I see many bikers in this city (there is said to be some 200 bike trails around the joint) so I think I'd be fine...but I'll see how my first couple days go.  
Yesterday, we drove to Boulder (about 30 mins North of Denver) and up to the Rocky Mountains.  We took some great pics and I'll get those posted soon, we did some minor hiking around Bear Lake and there was snow still in some areas, yet the sun was out and we were in shorts and tanks.  We walked around the historic Pearl Street shopping area in Boulder (it's a quaint little town with the University of Colorado located there) and had a beer on the roof of a bar.  It was hot and sunny but I can honestly tell the difference between the humidity, it's a hot hot, not that sticky hot hot. You know? (c: Joc thinks I'm crazy too, don't worry.
Today, other than the hospital, we hope to get over to Golden, where the Coors brewing factory is and take a tour, and maybe get to downtown Denver for some walking.
I'm off to run and get ready for the day, hope this finds you all well.
I'll post some pictures from the Rockies later, adios!

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