Friday, June 20, 2008

God's Country

These are just a few pictures from Joc and I's trek up north of Denver to the Rocky Mountains, it was breathtaking to say the least. Enjoy!
At the entrance to the park, a nice woman from Chicago offered us her pass to get into the park, $20 saved! Nice! She told us what to definitely do...Bear Lake because it's beautiful and semi-easy for beginning hikers like us.

We stopped on our way up the mountain to eat lunch by this nice water spot, I don't want to call it a creak or river....I think it's a run off from the snowy peaks...I don't know...I could be making it all up too! It was just a nice view and of course, beautiful!

Approaching Bear Lake, we had to park and hike just a little bit up, don't get this image in your head of me with a walking stick...there are paved sidewalks and a boardwalk around the lake...I only broke a small sweat because the sun was hot and high in the sky. It was a glorious adventure though.
Opps, this copied sideways, sorry. What I want you to notice is the snow that I'm standing on in my capris and tank top. The sun was out, the wind was cool and there was still a significant amount of snow on the trail...sweet!

Dang, another sideways shot... just a shot up the mountain with some trees. I'll say it one more time, beautiful. We were definitely in God's country up there.

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