Saturday, June 21, 2008

Live at Red Rocks!

Well, it was a good Saturday, the last day of Joc's time in Denver with me. We had a pretty productive day and saw some good sights in and around Denver. I started the day by completing my homework, which at times I find it difficult to focus but know I will buckle down. I am half way through the semester which is hard to believe. I was thinking, I will finish a semester and get half way through my fall one while I'm out west. That's a bit amazing to me, it will help the time fly I suppose. I've been in school for a year now, only 2 to go, but I get next summer off. Anyway! I bet you don't care much about that at all. Let me tell you what was seen today.
We ventured to the West of Denver to a city known as Golden, Colorado where many of the greedy moved to back in the gold rush days. The lady said that they found much gold in their river back then, I thought about going to look for some but figured it would be a waste of time (c: While in Golden, we went to a brewery some of you might be familiar with, Coors... The tour was free, self guided and includes 3 free beers at the end. Did you know that Coors brews Killians, Blue Moon, Zima and Molsen Canada? Well, they do. It was a nice late morning, early afternoon tour. We had lunch in Golden then ventured a bit south to a place called Red Rocks. There is a forest (of course, those things are everywhere around here!) but the thing we were going for was the amphitheatre. Greats such as Dave Matthews have played that amphitheatre. And if you are thinking it's just like Meijer gardens or DTE you are way off! I was amazed at what the glaciers left behind and how man formed a little stage around it. Of course the rocks are red and it's a bit up into the mountains. We were actually unable to go into the actual stage area because Allison Krause and Robert Plant were setting up for their concert. But we did a little hiking around it, it was hot out and we were in flip flops so we didn't get too serious.
Lastly, we hit downtown Denver, an area known as LoDo (lower downtown). We had dinner and a few beers at a bar across from the Coors Field where the Rockies were playing the Mets. It was a nice cap to the evening.
We felt old as we walked to the car as the young people flocked to the bars to get their grove on while we headed home to sleep and get Joc packed for her flight.
I'm gonna add a few pictures from our day, Joc took some with the big SLR camera and will be getting me the disk, then I can post other ones if I see fit.
Don't have too much planned for my Sunday, might call a friend who lives here and chill. I guess I'll play it by ear. Hope everyone's Saturday is going well and I'll talk to ya'll later!

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