Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Preview to the adventure!

Well, hello everyone! I've decided to follow Rachael's idea of blogging during my travel adventures.
Last night, June 9th, we partied hard at a local GR pub with some Karaoke and Oberon. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun! Thanks to all who attended and that group sing-along was one of a kind (c: I had a good time.
Well, I have one official day of work left, that would be Friday the 13th (ohhh, ahhh!!!) and a standby shift Saturday, hopefully I won't have to work it since I want to see Rachael and her family off on their adventures. I have many mixed feelings about leaving Grand Rapids and St. Mary's for a bit and I know I'm planning on returning but I fear that it will be very different when I return. People will have moved on and up and we'll be preparing for a move to Hauenstein (who knows how that's spelled!), I will just have to see all the changes when I get back I guess!
I am very ready for a new adventure and new scenery! I heard nothing but rave reviews about Denver and Colorado in general, I know I will enjoy my 13 weeks in the West and a new hospital experience.
I will be working at University of Colorado at Denver, www.uch.edu in the Medical ICU but with options to float to the other 4 ICUs, and I'm in the process of applying to sublet an apartment from a nice lady at Aero Flats, you can check out the 1BR/1BA layout on their website, www.aeroflats.com, I believe the Hawker is the apartment I'll be occupying through October.
Well, I just wanted to get a posting up and the blog running, I am looking forward to keeping you all up to date on my trip and my good times.
For the time being, be well and safe while I'm gone and I'll see you when I return...
Love to all, jenn


Amy Starkey said...

good luck woman! you'll have a wonderful time! hopefully i'll even get out there to see you! :)

Jocelyn Hodack said...

Cooper and I are going to miss you so much. We'll be counting down the days. Remember, no talking to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, and don't eat ladybugs 'cause they're poisonous. There, now all my worries have disappeared! I am very proud of you and am happy because you're happy. I love you and you better bring my back something good!