Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tic Tock....

Jeez, I feel like I want to be to Denver already and then there's that part of me that is nervous about the new city, not knowing people, new hospital with new docs and co-workers...too many things to list out!
I've started a list (in my head, though I should put it on paper or else I'll forget what was on the top of the list) of things to bring/pack and leave home. I was gonna bring mostly summer clothes but then remembered I will be out there for some of October. Does it get cold there? (c:
I am not planning on renting furniture (too expensive) so I purchased a nice air bed (sounds odd but it's comfy and not one that lays on the ground) and I'll bring some lamps and pics from home but for the most part, my apartment will be somewhat bare. Not to worry, it's pretty much like a studio with a partitioned bedroom, so I hope it won't be too echo-y.
I need to purchase some scrubs and get my eyebrows waxed once more (don't worry, I'll do it out there too), I'm going to Cadillac Monday night to see my motha, Jules, David and the babe before I skip town, Sunday Joc and I will drive to Ann Arbor to see Michelle and her new boyfriend Luis...then Tuesday afternoon....on the road again!
Tomorrow is my last day of work at Saint's for some time....I'm a bit sad to be leaving my friends from work, I have such a good time working with them, I only hope the people I work with out West will compare somewhat...
I need to do some homework, try to get a head in my class so I can not stress about it while driving.
Peace out ya'll!

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